Installing the booking widget on the hotel's website

The instructions take Tilda constructs as an example, on other site management systems you need to do it by analogy.

Creating a booking page

Add a new page with the site header and footer.

Add a block with the HTML code to the middle of the page.

In the content of the block, specify the code that you took from the Shelter Cloud personal account in the Code section to ins ert on the search page.

Adding a widget to the main page of the site.

Paste the link to the booking page in the field in the Personal Account of Shelter Cloud.

Copy the code from the Code block to ins ert on the main page in the personal account of Shelter Cloud into a new HTML element on the main page of the site.

Customize the appearance of the widget.

In order to change the appearance, you need to create your own style sheet. You can specify the path to it in your personal account of Shelter Cloud. Please note that after specifying the style sheet, the widget code changes, and it needs to be re–inserted into the site pages.

To add icons with room and fare settings, click Show all settings.

For example, the screenshot below shows how to select an image and options for the tariff.

As a result, these parameters will be displayed in the widget as follows:

Creating a map.

In order for guests to see how to get to the hotel, you need to create a map. It will be displayed on the order confirmation screen. To do this, it is convenient to use the /.

To get your map, click "Create" and in the visual editor make the scale and positioning so that your hotel is clearly visible relative to the surrounding settlements points and roads

Then click "Get the card code", switch to the "IFrame" tab; and copy it to the field in the personal account of Shelter CLOUD.

Redefining the booking conditions.

If you need to replace the standard booking conditions (and the phrase next to the check mark) with your own, you need to make a separate page with the conditions (or a file) and enter the link in the personal account of Shelter Cloud.


To connect Yandex.Metrica, enter the counter code and the goal IDs. You can read how to create goals in Yandex.Metrica in the Yandex documentation.

Mail for applications.

If the guest was searching and there were no rooms for his dates, he can leave a request. In order to receive such requests, you need to specify the email address in the field shown in the screenshot.

Enabling payment to a bank account.

To enable payment to a bank account, it is necessary in the hotel settings on the " tabOnline for the site (v2.0)", select "Show all settings" and in the section "Payment invoice" choose a form "Invoice for the order". Information on the screenshot:

Setting up a widget in another language

To ins ert a widget in another language on the site, you need to add a language parameter to its code. The list of language parameters is presented below:

1) "en" - English

2) "bg" - Bulgarian language

3) "kz" - Kazakh language

The widget codes are displayed on the "Online for site v2.0" page (see the section "Adding a widget to the main page of the site"). You need to copy the widget codes and add a language parameter to them, separated by a comma after the token. The parameter is specified in quotation marks.

Examples of widget codes will be provided below. 


1) The code to ins ert on the main page:

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