Get bookings from 40+ of the most popular channels

1200+ hoteliers choose Shelter Channel Manager

To automate sales at booking sites around the world



There is no need to synchronize the data of the PMS and the Channel Manager, because the Channel Manager is part of the PMS. Every booking from OTA is instantly displayed in the checkerboard.

Always available
Availability of rooms and rates are always synchronized with the OTA sites. If a room is booked on one of the sites,Shelter Cloud Channel Manager will automatically update availability on all the others
Increase the load without overbooking
Sell numbers on dozens of sites. The probability of overbooking due to the human factor and switching between extranets is zero
Change prices on all sites at the same time
Market situation it's changing fast. Publish competitive prices with just a few clicks. Prices will automatically change at all sites.
0% commission on bookings
You only pay a fixed amount for using the system
Улыбающийся клиент за компьютером

Automate your sales strateg

  • Centralized management

    Shelter Cloud allows you to manage the number of rooms, quotas and tariffs in a single interface. PMS, online Booking Module and Channel Manager work with a single pool of rooms, rates and restrictions.

  • Separate settings for each channel

    You decide for yourself at what rates to sell rooms on each of the sites and on your website. Manage the restrictions and availability of rooms separately for each channel and tariff.

  • Always up-to-date availability of rooms

    Booking data is sent to PMS in real time - you will never miss a booking and will not deal with overbooking.

More audience reach - more guests

Make your accommodation more popular and increase the load by placing it on dozens of the best Internet sites in Russia and the world.

40+ best channels in Russia and the world
More fame, higher load
0% commission on bookings

Your business is always online with an integrated platform Shelter Cloud

Powerful cloud property management system
Online booking module for the website. No commission!
Fast and secure payment acceptance
40+ internet sites and tour operators in Channel Manager
Dynamic tariff management using Shelter Revenue Manager
Integration with the best third-party applications and systems

Shelterwill help automate your accommodation facility and simplify your life


More audience reach - more guests

Channel manager

40+ best channels
Place your object on dozens of the best sites in Russia and the world, including, AirBnB, Expedia, Ostrovok, etc.
Integration with metasearchers
Connect to metasearch systems that allow you to book directly on your website. Google Hotel Ads, Yandex.Journeys.
0% commission
We do not charge any additional fees for reservations. You only pay a fixed monthly amount for using the system.
Integration with tour operators
Connect your accommodation directly to the databases of leading tour operators in Russia, such as Dolphin, Alean, Academservice, Resort store and others.

Tariff management

Independent rates for each channel
Assign your rates for each channel or group of channels. With the help of the Shelter Cloud tariff management module, you can easily adjust prices both in each channel separately and in all channels at once.
Revenue Management
Create dynamic rates that depend on the load using Shelter Revenue Manager.
Fine-tuning the availability of rooms
Supported both transmission to the channel of the general availability of rooms in the hotel, and work with blocks of rooms for tour operators. For each channel, it is possible to specify the availability of rooms manually, for example, to "hold" rooms for high dates.


Secure payment processing
The security of the payment process is confirmed by the PCI DSS certificate of the processing center
All types of cards
The system supports payment with all types of cards, through the SBP and using a QR code to pay from a checking account (for example, through Sberbank.Online).
Instant notification
You will receive a payment notification immediately and will be able to see it in the booking card.


Developed reporting system
You can see how sales are going today and what will need to be done to increase the load tomorrow.
Channel efficiency reporting
Analyze channel operation - booking sources, commissions, revenue, ADR, RevPAR and other indicators.

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