PMS Shelter Training

We are interested in our users being able to work professionally with Shelter products.

Our training department regularly conducts educational programs for users, dealers, partners and specialized universities.

Training program

Shelter Pro
Information base Settings

Learning program settings, filling in directories, connecting external files, setting up FFD 1.05.

Shelter Pro
Accommodation Service and Booking Department

Automation of the SPIR and the booking department: check-in, work with individual booking, confirmation printing, settlement, relocation, data exchange with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, work with the state of the room, guest lists.

Shelter Pro
Group booking, contract work, event manager

Working with group bookings, conducting contracts with clients, the module "Event Manager"

Shelter Pro
Cash discipline (working with FFD 1.05) and night audit

Working with folio, kiosk, accrual of additional. services, payment acceptance, night audit and closing of the cash day, basic reports.

Shelter Pro
The "Maids" module

Setting up and working with the houskeeping automation module.

Shelter Pro
Module "Medicine"

Setting up and working with the medical module. Setting up appointment schedules, medical records, distribution of appointments, pharmacy, statistical reports.

Shelter Cloud
Setting up a Cloud PMS Shelter Cloud

The primary configuration of the object data, the formation of tariffs, working with the checkerboard, free seats, booking log, reception, the formation of the consumable part, customer base, basic reports.

Shelter Cloud
Working with the channel manager and the booking module

Channel manager: a list of channels, a typical connection scenario. Installation and configuration of the booking module, Internet acquiring connection.

Private lessons online

The topic and date are discussed personally. 


All students after completing the training are given a diploma of the participant

Training department:

+7 (495) 540-53-21, add. 301

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