License Agreement

1. Subject of the agreement.

1.1. The subject of this License Agreement is the transfer of SHELTER LLC, the Licensor, to you, the Licensee, a simple non–exclusive license for the computer program (hereinafter referred to as the Software) specified in the Certificate of Authenticity, that is, the right to use the Software only in the manner and on the conditions specified below (hereinafter referred to as the License).

1.2. All the conditions stipulated below apply both to the Software as a whole and to all its components separately.


2. Property rights.

2.1. The exclusive property rights to this software belong to SHELTER LLC.

2.2. SHELTER LLC does not grant any rights other than by an explicit statement about it.


3. Terms of Use.

3.1. Scope of the license. The User can install, use, display, launch or otherwise work with the number of copies of the Software specified in the Non-Exclusive Rights Transfer Agreement. The Licensee does not have the right to store (in an established or not established form) more copies of the Software.

3.2. Archive copy. The Licensee has the right to make one archived copy of the Software designed to restore the User's data in case it is lost or damaged.

3.3. The possibility of supplementing the databases of the system. The licensee has the right to create its own databases for programs included in the software package, if such an opportunity is provided by the software data.

3.4. Obligation not to distribute the Software. Software distribution means providing access to third parties to software components reproduced in any form, including by network and other means, as well as by selling, renting, renting or lending.

3.5. The Licensee undertakes to:

3.5.1. Not to create conditions for the use of the Software by persons who do not have personal rights to use this software and work in the same network or multi-user system with the Licensee;

3.5.2. Do not disassemble, decompile (convert object code into source code) programs, databases and other software components;

3.5.3. Not to make changes to the object code of programs or databases to them, except for those that are made by means included in the software package and described in the documentation;

3.5.4. Not to use various coded and numeric sequences necessary for the operation of the program provided by a non-Licensor;

3.5.5. Not to transfer copyrights to the use of the Software or other rights to the Software to third parties;

3.5.6. Not to commit any actions against the Software that violate Russian and international norms of legal protection of computer programs and databases.

3.6. The Licensor reserves the right to collect technical information about the use of the software, in particular: information about the version, revision, system settings and parameters, information about the processor, RAM, total memory, ping time to some nodes, information about the version of MSSQL (if any), screen resolution, the amount of accumulated data.


4. Copyright.

4.1. All proprietary rights and copyrights to the Software (including, without limitation, any graphics, photographs, texts, additional programs included in it, as well as other copyright objects), the content of the accompanying printed materials and any copies of the program belong to SHELTER LLC and its suppliers. All property rights and copyrights to and in relation to the content that the program provides access to belong to the copyright owner of such content and are protected by laws and international copyright agreements. This License Agreement does not grant the Licensee any rights to access the content.


5. Termination of the agreement.

5.1. Without prejudice to any of its rights, SHELTER LLC may terminate this License Agreement if the Licensee does not comply with its terms and restrictions.

5.2. Upon termination of the Agreement, the Licensee is obliged to destroy all copies of the Software available to the Licensee.


6. Responsibility.

6.1. Use, distribution and reproduction (copying) Software in violation of the terms of this agreement is a violation of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and is prosecuted by law.

6.2. In case of violation of this License Agreement by the Licensee, SHELTER LLC deprives the Licensee of the right to use the Software, while the Licensor fully waives its warranty obligations for the maintenance and delivery of the Software.


7. Limited warranty.

7.1. SHELTER LLC guarantees the quality of the data and the operability of the programs included in the software package, under the conditions stipulated in the documentation, the compliance of the components ACCORDING to the specifications, as well as the quality of the typographic design of the documentation.

7.2. All software of SHELTER LLC is supplied in accordance with the principle of "AS IS" (as is), as a result of which SHELTER LLC is not responsible for your choice and cannot guarantee the achievement of your goals by using the purchased programs.

7.3. SHELTER LLC does not guarantee the joint operation of the software with the software and equipment of other manufacturers, especially with models released later than this version of the software.

7.4. The limited Warranty is valid for 30 (Thirty) days from the date of purchase of the Software. During this time, all claims to the quality of software delivery are accepted.


Exclusive rights:

Copyright © 1999 - 2023 Shelter LLC TIN 7709929081 OGRN No.1137746412682 dated 13.05.2013

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