05 July

Aisha Bibi Apart-Hotel in Nursultan chooses Shelter PMS

Aisha Bibi Apart-Hotel in Nursultan chooses Shelter PMS

Shelter PMS software helped to eliminate cash payments for guests staying at Aisha Bibi Apart-Hotel in Nursultan as much as possible. Communication with the lock system and the restaurant software r_keeper was set up. Now, when visiting a restaurant at the hotel, guests “write down” the amount of the check to their room number, and pay when they leave. The automation was carried out by the Soft-West-Kazakhstan company. A channel manager is also configured, which takes information by numbers from Shelter PMS and sends it to aggregators. Prior to that, employees manually changed prices, and Shelter PMS allowed this to be done automatically.

The modern apartments of Aisha Bibi Apart-Hotel will comfortably accommodate both a guest on a business trip and a couple with children. The motto of the hotel: "While staying with us, make yourself at home!"

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