15 December

Glamping conquers the hospitality market

Glamping conquers the hospitality market

In Russia, glamping (from the English glamorous camping — glamorous camping) has been actively developing since 2015. Now there are already about 60 of them across the country and in the coming years the number of new discoveries will increase by several dozen per year. There are various formats for every taste - eco- and farm glamping, for vegetarians and surfers, lovers of baths or outdoor activities. To date, this is the youngest and most modern format of resort real estate.

The Government has allocated a subsidy of 1.2 billion rubles for the development of domestic tourism. Grants will be available to entrepreneurs who have provided projects that will help in the coming years to change the face of Russian tourism – to make it more accessible, more interesting and more diverse. In particular, owners of glamping and modular hotels in Russia can count on the support of the state.

In addition, experts of the National Union of the Hospitality Industry (OSIG) propose to introduce the concept of "glamping" as a "high-comfort camping". This measure is due to the fact that now there is no single conceptual apparatus - some concepts used in current documents are absent in state standards and legislation.

Today, glamping is the same outdoor recreation, but in conditions of maximum comfort. Instead of tents, vacationers live in large and comfortable tents or prefabricated original buildings. There is necessarily a bathroom and often almost full-fledged hotel service. There are no strict requirements for the organization of this type of recreation, the main thing is that it should be beautiful and comfortable.

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