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How to automate an elite park hotel?

How to automate an elite park hotel?

SOSNOVOE Family Club in Samara region is a cozy park-hotel for family holidays, located in a pine grove. Here you can spend both a quiet family evening and enjoy active recreation. Everyone will be able to find something to their liking!

The country club provides different types of accommodation, both for a family of two people and for a large family company of up to 10 people. On the territory of the club there is a swimming pool, a sports complex, a day lounge area, sports equipment rental, a playground, tents and a barbecue area. The complex is open all year round. You can book a room at the park hotel on the online booking services and on the hotel's website.

The automation of the country club was carried out by Softpanorama LLC using Shelter PMS software. Integration with the lock system was made, access to the rooms is provided using plastic cards. This simplifies and speeds up the check-in and check-out of guests, which increases loyalty. Also, if you lose a plastic card from the room, you can quickly restore it at the reception.

SOSNOVOE Family Club can host events of any format and scale. You can book a time and date for the upcoming event by phone. Employees enter all the detailed information about the event into the event manager, which eliminates double bookings. You can be sure that not a single detail will be forgotten! 

There is also a maid module installed in the country club, the staff has route maps that allow you to know exactly where and who is doing the cleaning, thereby there is no confusion. Thanks to the maids module, the administration can track the consumption of detergents and consumables, set KPIs for staff. 

Unloading in 1C is installed, which allows management to receive financial statements. Thanks to automation, there is an understanding about the current and future workload of the club!

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