27 April

How to sell branded products in the hotel without unnecessary hassle?

How to sell branded products in the hotel without unnecessary hassle?

The sale of goods is an important channel for obtaining additional profits for hoteliers. Guests regularly purchase bottled water, snacks, hygiene products, souvenirs and printed products at the accommodation facilities. In the case of suburban eco-hotels and boarding houses, this list is still replenished with dairy products, and in sanatoriums - with medicines necessary for procedures.

With the introduction at the legislative level of mandatory labeling for bottled water, dairy products and medicines in the "Honest Sign" system, implementation has become more complicated, but this is not a reason to refuse to sell goods from profitable categories, because the cost of additional purchases by the guest can sometimes even exceed the cost of his stay.

To facilitate the work of our customers, help them avoid high fines, save their time and money, we have added the integration with the "Honest Sign" to our Shelter Pro system. Now you can sell bottled water and other products that are mandatory for labeling, with automatic reporting.

It is now possible to register the marked products after receiving from the supplier directly in the Shelter Pro system, reports will be automatically sent to the "Honest Sign", and after scanning the Data Matrix (marking bar code) when selling these goods, the information about the write-off will also be redirected to the "Honest Sign" system.

In addition, when all transactions pass through the Shelter PMS system, the hotel has a more holistic picture of the guest's preferences. Complete statistics about guests are stored in a single ecosystem, which makes it easy to receive the necessary information, develop effective promotions, attractive personal offers and increase the loyalty of guests.

To connect the integration with the "Honest Sign", please contact in the Sales Department

In the near future, integration with the "Honest Sign" will also be available in the Shelter Cloud. Follow our updates!


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