05 April

Cashback increases the load of Russian hotels

Cashback increases the load of Russian hotels

On March 15, the third stage of the "Cashback for tours in Russia" campaign started.

Travelers will be able to receive a refund from the state for booking tours until June 15. You can go on a trip until June 30 inclusive. Payment for the voucher must be made through the Mir payment system card. The refund amount will be 20% of the cost, but not more than 20,000 rubles per trip. The period of stay in a hotel, hotel or hostel must be at least two weeks, the tour must be purchased on the official website of the program. 

In 2020” two waves of the “Cashback from Rostourism" campaign took place. Rostourism support is a great way to attract new guests and warm up a regular audience. 

From March 18 to March 30, about 200,000 Russian tourists purchased vouchers and booked hotel rooms for almost 4 billion rubles. The head of the Federal Tourism Agency also reported that the volume of refunds amounted to about 712 million rubles. Crimea became the most popular destination of the third stage of the program. Tours to Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Kaliningrad and Tyumen regions were also actively purchased. Recall that according to official information, during the first and second stages of the domestic tourism promotion program, vouchers were purchased and hotel rooms were booked for 6.5 billion rubles. About 300 thousand people took part in the action, and the amount of cashback amounted to 1.2 billion rubles.

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