24 November

Shelter team took part in the Ruviera Expo & Forum

Shelter team took part in the Ruviera Expo & Forum

One of the main events in the hotel industry, the Ruviera Expo & Forum exhibition for hoteliers, sanatoriums, restaurateurs and the tourism industry of all Russian resort areas, was held in Sochi from November 24 to 26. The Shelter team joined the industry community, hundreds of participants of which came to the event from all over Russia.

Meetings with partners, networking with hoteliers customers, new relationships, exchange of opinions - such an event is an absolute value for us and the development of our services of the Shelter ecosystem, - said Artem Prokopyev, COO of the company, following the results of the event.

To tell about the novelties of the Shelter product line, to update the picture of requests for functionality, to check the mood in the community with global and domestic trends in the industry - Shelter has been supporting industry events for many years precisely because of their effectiveness and usefulness for the entire hotel sector.

The situation with sales tools that has changed in the industry recently largely explains the interest of hoteliers in the booking module, which Shelter continues to actively develop, said Artem Prokopyev.

By the way, you can see the booking module in action and get demo access at the link: /demo/

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