12 July

New preferential loan program for hotel construction

New preferential loan program for hotel construction

Preferential loans will be issued at a rate of 3% to 5% for the construction and reconstruction of accommodation facilities for up to 15 years. It is reported that about 19 billion rubles have been allocated for the implementation of this program.

Zarina Doguzova said that the agency has developed and approved criteria for the selection of investment projects, as well as the minimum and maximum loan amount, which will range from 100 million to 70 billion rubles. It is reported that the final decision on the allocation of a loan on preferential terms will be made by Rostourism and the government Commission on Tourism. Only well-developed projects will be able to apply for preferential loans. That is, all the necessary documents for the land plot must be obtained, and a detailed business plan is also needed. Another important condition is a positive conclusion from the bank's credit committee.

This program will work within the framework of a national project in the field of tourism. The planned volume of loans is 200 billion rubles. With this money, it is planned to increase the number of rooms by more than 20,000 modern rooms. Insufficient quantity of high-quality accommodation facilities is one of the main factors hindering the development of domestic tourism. In addition, the appearance of new hotels will increase competition, which will have a positive impact on pricing issues.

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