08 December

New rules for the provision of hotel services

New rules for the provision of hotel services

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed Resolution No. 1853 of November 18, 2020 "On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Hotel services in the Russian Federation". The document comes into force on January 1, 2021 and is valid until December 31, 2026.

The following changes have been made to the resolutions:

1) The contract with the guest becomes mandatory, but the ways of its conclusion are quite wide. You have been sent a booking request, and you have confirmed it, or the guest has deposited funds in the booking confirmation – the contract is considered concluded. It is not required to print and sign it bilaterally.

2) Penalty for no-show. The concepts of guaranteed and non-guaranteed booking are introduced. Regarding guaranteed booking, the timing of possible arrival is clearly defined, as well as the maximum amount of a possible fine.

3) The placement of children under the age of 14 is regulated. Upon check-in, it is necessary to check the birth certificate of the child, the identity document of the parent, and for the accompanying person, an additional notarized consent of legal representatives (one of them) is required.

4) Check–out time is at the discretion of the administration. The difference between the time of the guest's departure from the room and the arrival of a new client in the room has been established. It cannot be more than 3 hours.

5) The list of free services has been reduced. The obligation to provide needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery is excluded from the list.

6) The cost of early arrival is regulated. In case of early arrival, the room fee is charged in an amount not exceeding the fee for half a day, if the period from the time of check-in to the time of arrival is more than 12 hours, the accommodation fee is charged from the guest in accordance with the procedure established by the contractor.

7) The provision on the right of the hotel to unilaterally refuse to perform the contract has been excluded. Now the accommodation facility under no circumstances has the right to refuse unilateral performance of the contract.

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