14 December

Updates in the Shelter system

Updates in the Shelter system

Meet the updates in the Shelter system! Based on feedback from our customers, we have made a number of useful changes and improvements.

- Synchronization of Shelter Pro and Shelter Cloud
- Synchronization of the list of numbers is implemented/Contractors/Armor in chess mode between Shelter Pro and Shelter Cloud;
- When syncing Shelter Pro and Shelter Cloud, the ability to disable updating the number of rooms and descriptions has been added;

Shelter Cloud

- Improved synchronization of directories of numbers, contractors, and armor list;
- Optimized the speed of saving data to the change log;
- Added the ability to call a guest from the booking card via WhatsApp via IP telephony;
- Added a convenient chat with technical support, which can be accessed by clicking the question mark in the main menu;
- The unloading of the guest registration address according to the directory has been implemented;

Integration with the Regula passport scanner

- Added support for scanning a stamp with a residence permit in Shelter Cloud;

Integration with lock systems

- Improved integration with the Be-Tech lock system;
- Added integration with the SureSafe lock system;

Payment processing

- Added support for Internet acquiring from FreedomPay for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan

Invoice statement

- When issuing an invoice, the output of the buyer's TIN column is added;
- Added output of columns with different VAT rates;
- The "Show in the list of invoices" setting has been added to the tax directory;

To upgrade to the updated version, please email or a dealer who provides Shelter service in your area

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