28 January

Getting increased cashback in sanatoriums

Getting increased cashback in sanatoriums

When paying for tickets and hotels, travelers use the system of increased cashback. The benefit lies in the fact that part of the funds from the purchase is returned back to the bank card from which the payment was made. To date, sanatoriums cannot provide guests with increased cashback, since this type of accommodation is not included in the register of classified hotels. 

In order to attract the flow of tourists to sanatoriums, Rosturizm proposed to include in the cashback program all sanatoriums, even those that are not in the register of classified hotels. Such a measure will also help for the development of domestic tourism in general. 

According to the Russian Union of Tourism Industry, Russia remains the world leader in the field of sanatorium treatment: there are about 1800 specialized institutions with a total capacity of almost 430 thousand places in the country.

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