31 August

Shelter integration with iLocks online 433

Shelter integration with iLocks online 433

The integration of the iLocks online 433 electronic lock system with Shelter PMS allows hotels to automate and simplify the processes of managing access cards for their guests. With the integration, you can now issue new guest cards, make copies of cards, read information from the card, and block cards when the guest is evicted. All these functions are available directly in Shelter PMS, which significantly saves time and simplifies the work of the hotel staff, since you do not need to duplicate your actions first in the hotel management system, and then in the access control system. Hotel staff can easily perform all necessary actions with guest access cards, minimizing the time for registration, the possibility of errors and ensuring a high level of security.

To give a specific example: When checking in to a modern hotel, the guest registers at the reception and receives a key card from the room. The hotel administrator must first take action with the hotel management system, check or pay, take into account the features of the reservation, consult the guest on the details of the check-in, and also switch to the hotel security management system and issue a key card for the duration of the stay. It turns out that the same operations are repeated in two different systems.

The integration of Shelter PMS and electronic locks iLocks online 433 allows you to manage both the booking and key cards in one system. In addition, the synchronization of systems helps to protect your business - unscrupulous employees will not be able to make "left" check-ins and spend money past the cashier of the enterprise.

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