15 March

Salute for hotels from AberDevices integrated with Shelter PMS

Salute for hotels from AberDevices integrated with Shelter PMS

A virtual showcase of voice-controlled services and access to digital content is what hotels managed by Shelter PMS can already use to diversify their services and make guests' stay even more comfortable.

The team of developers of the Shelter PMS hotel management system has completed technical work on integration with the Salyut for Hotels platform, which is represented by Sberdevices, a subsidiary of Sber (formerly Sberbank), which produces smart devices, including for the hospitality industry.

The solution operates on the basis of the SberBox set-top box - with a customized set of services and virtual assistants. In fact, this is media content and communication with hotel services "in one bottle", it is enough for a guest to turn on the TV and scroll through widgets with features. In addition to the traditional "top interest" of most guests - weather forecast, YouTube videos, ordering food and drinks in the room - there is a customizable cloud of other tools. For example, an appointment at the SPA, ordering a transfer, booking meeting rooms - any list of additional hotel services. Watch a movie, ask for an additional set of towels, report a leaky faucet - the guest can solve everything almost instantly - all communication is "tied" to the Shelter PMS hotel management system and "settles" in the guest's digital profile.

We consider Shelter PMS as the main core of the management of all business processes and communication in the hotel. Therefore, integration with the widest possible range of services that make the guest's stay more comfortable and the management of internal services more transparent is our priority. The inclusion of the Salyut for Hotels platform in the pool of opportunities that a hotelier can use in the Shelter PMS eco-system is a logical and mutually beneficial solution for all parties, said Alexey Lebedev, head of Shelter PMS.

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