07 June

Shelter helps hotels become the best!

Shelter helps hotels become the best!

Thanks to Shelter PMS software, the Yuzhny Bereg Park Hotel is considered the best in Yeysk in terms of accommodation conditions! The workplaces of employees are automated, so check-in and eviction takes place promptly. The number of rooms is 205 rooms. The interface with the channel manager for automatic unloading of tariffs is also configured. Automation was carried out by the company “Technology of Success". Now the hotel management receives financial statements, and there is an understanding about the profitability of the business.

There are two outdoor and one indoor freshwater swimming pools on the territory of the complex . There is also a fitness center with a SPA area and a restaurant. The fitness club operates on a subscription basis. And the restaurant is on the r_keeper software.

The Park-hotel “Yuzhny Bereg" is located on the shore of the Sea of Azov in Yeysk, designed both for family holidays and for relaxing with friends or colleagues.

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