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The tourist season is at its height: PMS Shelter for the efficient operation of the hotel business

The tourist season is at its height: PMS Shelter for the efficient operation of the hotel business

The high season for hoteliers is just around the corner. The flow of guests, of course, pleases, but at the same time loads the staff with work. Competent managers use the time before the peak effectively: they check the preparation of rooms and assess the readiness of employees for the influx of tourists. 

But this is only 50% success, it is important to optimize the management system. In the article we will consider how to use PMS Shelter to prepare for the peak load of the tourist season and get the greatest benefit and profit.  

What are the advantages of PMS Shelter for the hotel business


First of all, it is a Russian program for hotel business management.

Shelter has been developing, implementing and maintaining software for automating the management of restaurants, hotels and entertainment and sports complexes for 30 years. Shelter is an ecosystem of server and cloud software – easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions for both large and small objects.

PMS Shelter provides several effective business opportunities at once:

● attracting guests from top online booking systems such as Bronevik, Ostrovok, <url>;

● elimination of overbooking errors in the sales system on a variety of sites — by selling a number on one, the status of the free fund will immediately change on the others;

● prompt price changes on all sites at once, in a few clicks;

● setting up tariffs based on the cost of selling numbers for each individual channel.

In addition, the PMS Shelter system has a convenient and intuitive hotel management interface. The program supports the entire periphery of hotels, hotels and hostels: from electronic locks to fiscal registrars, scanners and terminals.

PMS Shelter analytics to help the manager

Thanks to the PMS Shelter program, managers will be able to easily set various tasks for employees. For example, for the cleaning staff. Reports on the work done will be visible in the system. The data is automatically entered into the table, where it is shown:

● when the number is handed over;

● day of arrival;

● which of the employees is assigned and responsible for cleaning.

Such moments will help to avoid an unpleasant situation. For example, when a guest has arrived to check in, and the room is not ready yet. 

With the management reporting module, it is easy to create your own report tables and, based on analytics, make more effective decisions on hotel management.

PMS Shelter for small, medium and large businesses

An important plus for hotel management is the modularity of PMS Shelter.  The program is adapted both for hotels with a small number of rooms, and for large objects of the hotel business. To do this, it is convenient to choose the software for the features of the guest accommodation facility. In addition, the versions of the programs are updated and optionally supplemented with the necessary modules according to the individual specifics of the hotel, hotel or hostel.

Installation and integration of the system

Making a business more technologically advanced is not as difficult as it may seem. The Shelter system is installed in any tourist accommodation facility. As a rule, half a working day is enough to connect and launch. Shelter technical support is always in touch for the smooth operation of the system regardless of time zones. Staff and hotel management are also trained to work with programs.

PMS Shelter is another step towards integration with more modern programs in the hotel business. The system works smoothly with popular systems such as 1C:Accounting, r_keeper, iiko, amoCRM. 

We are ready for the high season! We check the checklist

In order for the 2023 season to be as productive and profitable as possible, and the work of employees to be well-coordinated, it is worth preparing for it carefully.  

Finally, we share a checklist that will help to check the readiness of the management system for the tourist season. Here are the points worth paying attention to:

● the correctness of the contact details of the hotel or hotel;

● information about the rooms: number, description, photo;

● information about services and their cost;

● Booking settings;                     

● accommodation conditions for adults and children;

● assigned tasks for employees;

● accounts and correctness of guest cards.

The PMS Shelter management system and the specified list will help the hotel business to survive the high tourist season with ease, and most importantly — excellent financial results.

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