22 June

Meet the integration with "Yandex. Station"

Meet the integration with "Yandex. Station"

In Shelter Cloud and Shelter Pro, integration with Yandex. Station is now available. Smart column with voice assistant "Alice" will tell about the services of the hotel, will help to order food, drinks and additional services - it will take over part of the cares and duties of administrators and reduce the burden on staff.

Guests of the hotel will also be able to use all the functions of the multimedia platform: thousands of Russian and foreign films and TV series in dubbing or in the original language, millions of popular tracks, as well as federal channels and YouTube.

Guests can independently activate Yandex. Station: there will be an instruction in the room. For each guest, the system will generate a temporary account and delete it when they leave the room. If desired, the user will be able to use Yandex's personal account.

Alice in "Yandex. Station" is always in touch with the guests: she can find something on the Internet, play with the children, advise a restaurant or museum, set an alarm clock or just chat

"Yandex. Station" will help to improve the guest experience and increase the likelihood of re-arrival.

Learn more about integration, leave a application .

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