Adding a report to the database

It is recommended to add a new report, and not upload the report file to an existing report.

1. Go to Settings – Report Settings:

2. In the upper panel, select Add report:

3. In the window that opens, fill in the following fields: Report category (for example, select the category Registration of a foreigner):

Next, we write the name of the report, for example Notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen new:

Next, you need to upload a new report file. To do this, click on the three dots opposite the File Name item and in the window that opens, find and open the folder where the new report form is located:

Select the desired report file and click Open - the form will be added to the file name:

After adding, we save the report by clicking the Save button.

4. Next, you need to copy the rights to the new report from the old report. To do this, select 2 report forms (old and new), leave the cursor on the old form in which the rights are configured and click the Copy button on the top panel:

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