Counterparty Directory

The directory of counterparties includes the legal entities that the hotel works with and its own legal entities (if there are more than one).

The directory is located in the Settings - Contractors section.

Counterparties can be grouped (optionally). To manage groups, click Counterparty Groups at the top of the directory.

To add a counterparty group, click Add, enter the name in the Name field and click Save.

To return to the list of counterparties, click Counterparties above the table.

To add a counterparty, click Add. In the available fields, you need to enter information about the organization and its details, click Save.

To change the counterparty's data, click Edit, enter new data and click Save.

If the organization needs to be removed, click Delete, select the organization to delete and click Delete. Confirm your action in the pop-up window by clicking on OK.

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