Managing room categories

After you have registered in the system, you need to add room categories (a room category is a group of rooms that are identical in parameters, the price will be indicated for it). In the main menu, select Settings-Room Categories.

A window opens in which you can add a room category by clicking on the buttonAdd.

A card will open, you need to fill in the fields in it.

The non-residential checkbox is needed to indicate that the category is a service room, conference room or other type of non-residential premises and should not influence the loading parameters of the hotel.

Name is what you will see in the checkerboard, and the guests in the booking module on the site.

Description – it will be seen by guests in the booking module on the website.

The number of main seats in the room is used in the booking module on the website.

Number of extra beds in the room – set the number of extra beds. If there are no additional requirements in this category.Please leave the field empty.

Bed reservations (may not be displayed if the facility does not use bed accommodation) - if enabled, then several unrelated bookings can be placed in rooms of this category, each of which may have its own dates of stay and the cost.

Room reservations — if enabled, it is allowed to book an entire room, otherwise only a bed.

Hourly reservations (may not be displayed if hourly accommodation is not used in the facility) — enable it if it is allowed to create reservations for several hours during the same day in this category.

It is possible to accommodate children without a place — enable it if in this category it is allowed to accommodate infants without a place when living with their parents. The cost of this accommodation can be specified in the tariffs (including making such accommodation free of charge).

After filling in the data, click Save and exit.

To change the data by category, click on the box in the row with the category and select Edit.

Make the changes and click Save and exit.

To delete a category, click on the box and select Delete.

You cannot delete a category that has numbers.

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