Shelter CLOUD. Connecting the Innbi channel

Important: To connect the Innbi channel, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with Innbi. You will be registered in their system and a hotel ID will be issued. Registration is available at the link: /.

1. In the Innbi personal account, select Shelter as the channel manager.

2. In Shelter CLOUD, go to the Channel manager section (the Channel Manager module must be pre-purchased, and the user whose credentials are used to log in to the CLOUD must have channel management rights).

3. In the right part, select the Innbi channel and click Add.

4. Enter the hotel ID issued at the conclusion of the contract with Innbi. It can be seen in the Innbi personal account on the Information tab.

5. After adding it, turn on the channel and click Download directories. Directories (categories and tariffs) must first be entered in the Innbi personal account.

6. After the message that the directories have loaded successfully, go to the Shelter Cloud Settings tab and specify the counterparty and the contract (optional) that will be inserted in the booking. Filling in the counterparty is necessary in order to correctly see the bookings in the reports.

7. Go to the tabPlacement and specify the appropriate number of places for each placement.

8. On the Tariffs tab, compare the tariffs that were loaded from Innbi with the tariffs in Shelter CLOUD. If the prices from the tariff do not need to be uploaded to the channel, then you can disable it by checking the box next to the channel. If the prices were previously uploaded, they will not be cleared until you upload new prices there, only with new prices you can correct previously uploaded ones. If the tariff that was previously unloaded is no longer relevant and needs to be removed from sale, you need to put a sales restriction - closing sales (stop sale).

9. In the tabRoom categories also match the room categories to upload to the channel. With the setting setBed exchange the number of beds in the room and the price per bed will be unloaded.

10. After completing all the settings, press Unload everything and wait for the message that the upload to the channel has been completed successfully.

11. The Upload reservations button loads reservations manually if for some reason this did not happen automatically.

Integration setup is complete.

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