Creating a copy of the report from the base report

Creating a copy of the report from the base report

1. You need to open the basic report.


2. Open the report (without configuring any display parameters through the report generation window).

3. Click on the "Report Designer" button.


4. An information window appears – click Yes.

5. Close the opened form.


6. Go to Settings – Report Settings.

7. In the Filter, write the file name - DOG_ATL_GOST_SERV.


8. An empty line with this name is displayed.

9. Click on the line 2 times with the left mouse button and write the name of the report, for example, OUR Contract.


10. Open the report by clicking the button – View the report (You can select a physical customer. face).

11. The "Report Designer" button.

12. Edit the text – tab Page1, 2 times left-click on the text and change the text.

When editing the text, do not delete the formulas.


13. After the changes, click on "Save".


14. You can preview the report with your changes – a button with a magnifying glass.

To save all the changes, click on the button with the floppy disk – Save.


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