Configuring the Tvil channel connection in Shelter CLOUD

Important: To connect the Tvil channel, you need to register on the company's website . Sign a contract with the company and add ads. After adding the ad, the ad ID will be available. 

Important: You also need to contact Tvil technical support and ask them to enable the Shelter CLOUD Channel manager in your Tvil account. After completing the activation and verification of the ad, you need to go to the section "My ads".

In the " sectionMy ads", click on the envelope icon on the top right. 

Sel ect "Support requests" and click on the button "Write to the administrator".

In the message, specify that you need to install Shelter CLOUD as a channel manager for this cabinet.

When the Tvil settings are completed, open the Shelter CLOUD and sel ect "Channel manager".

Moving to the right, sel ect the Tvil channel.

Click "Add ".

Enter the hotel ID.

After adding, turn on the channel and click on the "Download directories" button, which were started after registering the object on the Tvil website.

After the message that the directories have loaded successfully, go to the "Shelter Cloud Settings" tab and specify the counterparty and the contract. Filling in the counterparty is necessary in order for the reports to correctly display bookings fr om the channel. In addition, if the booking fr om Shelter CLOUD is further uploaded to Shelter PRO, a counterparty is also needed. The contract is necessary for information.

On the Tariffs tab, compare the tariffs that were downloaded fr om Tvil with the tariffs in Shelter CLOUD. If the tariff does not need to be uploaded to the channel, then it can be disabled by checking the box next to the channel.

In the " tabRoom categories" also match and select the desired room categories to upload to the channel. When the "Bed exchange" setting is set, the number of beds in the room and the price per bed will be unloaded.

After completing all the settings, click "Unload everything" and wait for the message that the upload to the channel has been completed successfully.

The "Load reservations" button loads reservations manually if, for some reason, this did not happen automatically.

On the " tabRestrictions" You can adjust the length of stay and change availability for certain dates.

Support for creating group armor, if there are several numbers in one order, is not implemented on the Tvil side.

Integration setup is complete.

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