Shelter CLOUD - Uploading to the FMS

Important: It is necessary to pay maximum attention to filling out the guest questionnaire. There should be no empty fields in the questionnaire. The correctness of uploading to the FMS depends on this.

Filling out the questionnaire

You need to go to the reservation and select the button (in the old version of the interface) - "FMS data", and in the new version (v1) – "Questionnaire" and fill in the data about the staying guest.


There are 2 ways of unloading.

Method 1: Unloading one staying guest.

Must be opened in armor Guest profile - click "Upload" and choose where to upload the data: Contour, VLSI, GBU, Radius.

After clicking "Upload " and select the provider, the xml file will be downloaded, which must be downloaded in the provider's personal account that you use. 

Consider the download using the example of a personal account "Contour".

 In your personal account "Outline" in the section "Registration"press the button "Accept data from the file" and select the necessary xml file. 

Method 2: Uploading the guest list to the FMS for a certain period.

You need to go to the menu "Reports" and select the report "Guest list for the period". Set the required period and click "Unloading to Contour" (or "Unloading to GBU", "Unloading to VLSI", "Unloading to Radius", depending on the provider used).

As a result of clicking on the upload button in the report, an archive will be downloaded, which must be uploaded to your provider's personal account, by analogy given in method 1.

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