Setting up the Avito channel connection (Avito)

Channel setting

1.The first thing you need to do is register on Avito. Create ads with accommodation items (rooms or room categories). If you have difficulties with placing ads, you need to contact Avito support: /.

2. Vo Shelter CLOUD, in the section "Channel Manager" add a channel "Avito". When adding, specify the name of the channel (for example, the name of the hotel).

3. After adding the channel, you need to go to the channel management, to the page "Authorization settings".

4. To connect (authorize), you must have the Avito page open (where you are logged in) and Shelter CLOUD in the same browser. After that, click on the " buttonConnection". After that, a pop-up window will appear where you need to confirm the data transfer.

5. After confirmation, click on the "Download directories" button.

6. At the end of the download, you will see your ads from Avito, which need to be matched, depending on the connection method, by category or by number. Also compare the tariff.

7. After matching, it is necessary to load the armor into the Shelter CLOUD and upload the data to Avito.

Possible problems and their solution:

Case 1:


When uploading to Avito, an error may appear in front of the matched categories or numbers if you set the price below the minimum price set in Avito. In this case, Avito will not allow you to upload the price for this ad.

Solution: You need to write to Avito on this issue, or change the price to the recommended one.

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