Changing the signature text in the registration card

Instructions for changing the signature text in the registration card.

  1. We find the signature text file. It is located on your server. How to find a file:

- right-click on the Shelter icon and select "File location";


- a window with Shelter folders opens, select the folder with the name FRF;


- open the folder and find the Hotelrules signature text file in .rtf format, the shortcut looks like a Word document,


2. Open the Hotelrules file and make the necessary changes to the text.

3. Save the text.

4. After the files are changed, they must be re-uploaded to Shelter, for this:

- opening the Shelter;

- go to Settings;

- next, go to the item "Report settings";

- click on the "External files" button in the upper panel;


Select a file from the list:


- an additional window will open with a file selection, in this window click on the button with 3 dots;


- after clicking on the button, a window opens to select the file to download;

- we are looking for the FRF folder where the pre-corrected printed forms are stored (this folder is located in the Shelter folder);

- to show all the files, then select AllFiles in the search bar below;


- next, we are looking for our printed form, the name of the hotelrules form.

After we have found the desired form, click on it 2 times with the left mouse button – the file is loaded into Shelter;


- You don't need to change the fields: Category, Language. They have already been configured previously.

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