Example of setting up a dynamic tariff (from download)

Example of setting up a tariff with dynamic pricing.

Tariff condition:
When loading a hotel from 81% to 100%, a 15% surcharge is applied to the tariff.

In the system settings, the check mark "Use hotel loading to calculate the tariff" should be set:


In the Directories – Rates – Download - a download has been created, in which the cost of a room becomes more expensive by 15% if the hotel load is 81 - 100%.


In the formation of tariffs, operations with the cost of a day are prescribed in the desired tariff and the type of number, as in the usual tariff, but at the same time the load is set for each tariff operation.


If the tariff has periods (seasons) and the download for them should also be valid, then the period (season) also needs to specify the download.


Thus, the tariff will always be available for booking / settlement, but with a certain load, the cost of accommodation will be with a margin of 15%.

IMPORTANT: if the tariff is used in other armor and you add a load, then the cost will be recalculated in all bookings.

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