Adding a simple folio (permanent account)

Instructions for adding a simple folio that is not tied to a reservation or settlement.

Adding a simple folio may be necessary to close a certain list of services that do not relate to the reservation or settlement (for example, service meals).

In order to add a new simple folio, you need to go to the Folio List module:


In the opened module on the top panel, click the "Create folio" button:


The folio creation window opens.

In the window that opens, you need to fill in the basic information:


  1. Choose the right organization-owner – Fresh Wind RSN.
  2. The type is loaded automatically (simple folio).
  3. The owner is the one who will pay for the banquet. The owner is selected or created from the guest list. To get into the guest list, you need to click on the arrow next to the line with the name.
  4. Select the currency "Russian Ruble".
  5. You can make a note, which will then be displayed inside the folio:


Next, click the "Save" button and a window opens with information that the folio has been created, the folio is assigned a number and it is suggested to open this folio:


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