Number management

After the room categories are created, you need to add rooms for each category. To add numbers, open Settings-Numbers in the left menu.

Here you will see a list of all rooms in the hotel.

To add new numbers, use the buttonAdd.

After that, the active fields will open, which will need to be filled in: Building, floor, number, category, which was previously created; if there is a note to the number, you can specify a comment in the field; optionally specify the area of the number and the serial number (affects the display of numbers on the checkerboard, if the serial number is 1, then the number will be stand first on the chessboard);

Once all the fields are filled in, click Save.

Or use the buttonAdd a few. (It is convenient to use when there are many rooms and their numbers go in a row). After that, the active fields will open, which will need to be filled in. After completing the data entry, click Add numbers.

To change the information in the room (number or category) – click Edit and enter new data. Next, click Save.

If there were reservations on the room, then you will not be able to change its category. 

Then you need to put the column on the numberDate by, specifying the date before which the number had the old category and add another number with the new category by filling in the column Date from . After that, make sure that reservations for the future period are not overbooked due to a decrease in the number of rooms of the old category. If necessary, transfer them to a new one.

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