Processing bookings from External Systems

Processing bookings from External systems:

1. Bookings from Travelline will be automatically placed in Shelter and displayed under the Checkerboard.


2. You will be notified that the booking has been received in the program by a letter about a new booking to the mail + a notification about a new booking will appear in the lower right corner:

2.1. You can click on the notification and open the reservation. The "Booking" module opens.

2.2. If you did not have time to open the reservation, and the notification is no longer displayed, you can go to the "Booking" module and by selecting the registration date – (select the current date), find the reservation.


3. In the reservation, you need to fill in the required fields – Market segment, Source of information and, most importantly, choose a room number.


4. Click on the Save button and close the booking window.

5. If a window appears, as in the screenshot, you need to click NO.


6. If the reservation came to several rooms at once, then when you click on the notification of a new reservation, the "Booking" module will immediately open and the reservation will be processed in the "Booking" module.

7. All bookings from Travelline will come in the "Guaranteed" status.

If there was a full or partial prepayment for the reservation, it will be displayed on the folio of the settlement (in Shelter 1 it was called the folio of the room).

8. Reservations from External systems have fixed auto-charges, that is, charges according to the tariff. This is exactly the price for which the Guest booked the room.

If the Guest wants to change the booking conditions, it is necessary to ask him to make changes to the booking in the online source.

9. After the reservation is processed, check the box – Disable notifications.


If the check mark – Disable alerts is not worth it, then the booking notification will be constantly displayed.

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