Managing additional services

To increase income at the recreation facility, there are additional services that can be provided to the guest. To create them, go to Settings - Add. services.

It is necessary to create groups of additional services, for example: infrastructure, resort fee, medicine, minibar, food, goods at the counter, transfer, damage.

In order to add new groups, add for services, click Add Groups. services.

In the window that opens, click Add, enter the name of the service group in the Name field and click Save.

If you want to delete this group, click Delete. Next to the deleted group, click Delete. In the pop-up window, confirm your action by clicking on OK.

To return to the list of additional services, click Add. services.

To create an additional service, click Add. Fill in the fields: name, service group, price, description (guests will see it in the booking module on the website), the mark can be booked online (if not— then add an additional fee. only the staff of the accommodation facility will be able to provide the service in the booking card), enter the barcode (this allows you to quickly calculate using barcode scanning), type (product/service), % VAT (if necessary). Click Save.


To check, open the card of any reservation. In the Accruals section, you can add the created additional service.

After adding a service/product, it will appear in the list of charges. 

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