Individual relocation (relocation)

Individual relocation (relocation).

Used for:

1. Tariff changes within one stay,

2. Changing the number of guests within one stay,

3. Changing the room number within the same stay.

Ways to move to another room:

1) The "Relocate" command in the context menu of the settlement.

2) Dragging the location on the chessboard.

3) A button on the control panel. 


In the "Individual booking" window, specify the new type and number of the room, the tariff for calculating the cost of living. Save the data.


Relocation of a guest with a change in the type of room and the preservation of the tariff

In a situation when it is necessary to move a guest to a different type of room, but at the same time keep the same rate, use the "Calculated parameters" field. To activate it, click on the inscription: "Number type", opposite. Select the type of number to calculate the fare under the button. Set the tariff.



The planned relocation function.

The function is used in cases when it is necessary to plan a move for one of the days during the guest's stay when booking or settling in.

The second option, when the planned move can be used, is to change the tariff during your stay. In this case, the transfer is carried out to the same room, but a new fare type is selected.

In the "Individual Booking" window, select the guest who needs to add a move, open the context menu and select the "Add move" function. The "Relocations" tab opens automatically, in which a record is created about the guest moving to another room in the form of a new line.

Specify the check-in date for the new room type (the check-out date must be equal to the total check-out date specified in the settlement card). Set the room type, room number, accommodation type and rate. Save the data.


The program will create a new armor for moving, the beginning of such a location will be interrupted:


On the day of the move, at the time of the guest's relocation, it is necessary to select the location of the PCM and select the "Relocate" option from the context menu:


The program will display a warning window about the planned move. Use the "Yes" button:


In the "Individual Booking" window that opens, check the correctness of the information and save the relocation.

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