Working with seasons in the formation of tariffs

Adding seasons in the formation of tariffs to change the base price for any period.

To add seasons, you need to go to the Directories – Tariffs – Tariff formation – go to the desired room category by double-clicking the left mouse button and select the desired tariff.



Adding periods (seasons).

To create a period (season) at the bottom of the tab “Operation contents in the package”, click the “Add” button with the right mouse button.


After clicking on the "Add" button, an empty line will appear in which you need to either select a season (which has already been created in the "Schedule of Periods" directory) by clicking on the "Season" column and clicking onimage-1631030447041.png


or manually enter the required period in the "Start" and "End" columns.


After selecting the season or the necessary dates, specify the cost according to the tariff that will be relevant in the selected period (either in the "Prices" column or in the "Category of the day" column – depending on which work scheme is used, and also do not forget to specify the cost of the weekend if the weekday price is used for this tariff and day off).


When working with cost changes in different periods, it is more convenient to pre-create seasons, since there may be several date intervals of different duration in 1 period.
If this season is loaded into the "Contents of the operation in the package", then the prescribed cost will be relevant for all periods of this season.
Periods (seasons) need to be prescribed for each tariff operation.

In periods (seasons), it is possible to add the start and end dates of the booking.
When using this functionality, it is possible to choose the same season, but with a different price.

The booking dates are also used so that at the time of the price change according to the season, there is no price change in the armor already created according to the variable tariff.

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