Viewing payment debtors for Shelter Lite

Search for unpaid armor for Shelter Lite. To search for unpaid armor in Shelter, you need to generate a report "Folio Balance (Advance Report)".

Open the "Home" tab and go to the "Reports" module:


In the window that opens, use the filter to search for the report:


A report generation window will open, in which you need to select the type of folio – folio group (because it is on the folio group that we transfer the debts for the guest's accommodation) and click on the "OK" button:

In the report in the "Balance" column we see that there is a debt on the folio.
In the screenshot, this is folio No. 1051:

In order to close the debt on folio No. 1051, it is necessary to find this folio and make a payment by bank transfer if payment has been received for this reservation.

You need to open a folio terminal on the chess board:


In the window that opens, enter the number of the folio that you want to open, and press the "Enter" or "Enter" button on the keyboard.
The "Folio List" will open, where it is necessary to select the Folio of the group again (the folio of the group is the folio with the type of the payer of the hydraulic fracturing, and the name of the payer of the date / time of arrival and departure):


Make a cashless payment to the folio of the group


and close it






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