Setting up the Otello channel connection

1. To connect the Othello channel, select "Channel manager"

from the menu on the leftMove to the right and select the Othello channel.

Click "Add ".

2. To connect the channel, you must fill out the registration form and accept Othello's offer.

3. Click "Add" - the channel has been successfully added. Turn on the channel.

After adding and enabling the channel, room categories, rates and accommodations are automatically created in it, which are set up in the Shelter CLOUD directories. No additional mapping is required.

4. Open Channel management.

5. Go to the "Shelter Cloud Settings" tab and select the counterparty and the contract (optional).

6. Turn on the channel using the switch at the top of the settings page or in the channel list of the "Channel Manager" screen.

The setup is complete.

Button functionality

1) The " buttonUnload everything" - forcibly uploads tariffs, availability, and restrictions to the channel.

2) The "Download directories" button - uploads added or deleted directories of categories and tariffs to the channel.

After each change of the directories, it is not necessary to press the button, they will be updated automatically after the time-out set in the service.

3) The button " Load reservations" - loads bookings that have not been previously downloaded from the channel.

Important: If the channel has already been connected and you need to add a category or tariff, then create the desired tariff or category in the Shelter CLOUD directory and click "Unload everything", or wait for the service to automatically create it in the channel.

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