Booking statuses and colors

In the checkerboard, you can see reservations that differ in color.

If you hover the cursor over the colored line with the booking name, the booking status will be displayed. The colors of the strings can be changed in the menu Settings - Armor statuses and colors.

In the right part, you can adjust the colors that are more priority than the status colors.

That is, if the color is specified for unsettled bookings, then even if the reservation is paid, the color from the right side of the screen will be applied. If the rules are not set in the right part or they are not fulfilled, the color will be determined by the booking status.

There are 3 built—in statuses - Booking, Payment and Prepayment. When creating a reservation, it first receives the Reservation status. If you make a payment, then depending on whether it is enough to pay the entire cost of the reservation, the reservation will switch to either the Payment or Prepayment status. The remaining booking statuses can be assigned manually.

To add a new booking status, click Add. Specify the name, description and sel ect the color that will be displayed on the checkerboard. The Exclude fr om download checkbox is used to create a status that will take the number out of service for a while (for example, Repair).

To change the existing status, click Редактировать.

Make the necessary changes and click Save.

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