Setting up a power schedule

Setting up a meal schedule to display data in the "Meals for the day (according to the meal schedule)" report.

Create services "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Dinner" (you can call, for example, "Breakfast in the tariff" or "Breakfast 0", etc.):


Create packages of services "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Dinner" with new services (for example, "Zero breakfast" or "Breakfast 0", etc.):


In each package of services, specify the conditions of accrual with zero cost for adults, children, infants (if meals should be calculated for children and infants):


Link service packages to the necessary tariffs (depending on which service packages you add to the tariff type card, such packages will be charged when choosing this tariff in the booking/settlement):



If you do not need to link to the tariff, then these packages can be added manually when booking / settling as needed (in this case, you can independently adjust who needs to charge only breakfast, who needs lunch and dinner, who needs breakfast and dinner, for example):



Create a meal schedule (it is important to add to the meal schedule exactly the service that was selected in the service package).
Breakfast should have the setting "Move the provision of services from the first day to the last":


When booking and selecting packages (automatically according to the tariff or manually), the nutrition information will be filled in under the "Meal Schedules" button:


It is from under the "Power Schedule" button that the information will be uploaded to the "Power for the day (according to the power schedule)" report:


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