Restricting the visibility of rooms using access rights

Shelter Cloud supports the ability to create user accounts that do not see the entire room stock, but only the specified rooms. The main application scenario is management companies that can give apartment owners access to control the loading and profit from their apartments.


In the Settings - Hotel Settings menu, technical support includes a check mark to allow limiting the visibility of specific rooms in the Room Stock section.

After that, a number rights management point will appear in the employee directory:

When pressed, a screen opens where you can tell this employee which numbers he sees. If you do not specify anything, he will see all the numbers.


The user will see only a part of the menu items. The rights to these items must also be granted when creating a user.

In chess, the user will see only those numbers that are open to him.

If the user has the rights to create reservations, he will see only the categories and rooms available to him.

In the booking log, the user will only see bookings that are linked to the rooms that are available to him.

In the expense log, the user will see only those expenses that relate to the numbers that are open to him.

In the list of reports, the user will only see a special list of reports. Standard reports will not be available.

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